Minutes of the American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists Board of Governors      November 22, 2013

Members Present:


Dr. Mark Mavity, Pres

Dr. Dan Shoor, Vice Pres

Dr. Paul Young, Secretary (Acting)

Dr. Charles Clinton, Treasurer

Dr. Pat Storms, BOG

Dr. Keith Brandt, BOG

Dr. Joe Ortega, Membership Chair

Dr. Cheryl Lowry, MOC Chair

Dr. Al Parmet, Ethics Chair

Dr. Bill Tarver, Practice Stds Chair

                           Space Medicine Chair

Quorum Present?   Yes (6/7)












Members Absent:


Dr. Diane Ritter, Secretary

Dr. Walter Matthews, BOG

Dr. Johann Westphall, Nominations Chair

Dr. Jim Laub, Constitution/Bylaws Chair

Dr. Bill Salazar, Website Chair

Dr. Dave Rhodes, Publications Chair


Purpose:  The Society is a non-profit organization created to serve as a voice for and represent the professional needs of Aerospace Medicine specialists in the United States.  The Society is a constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA). 


Time Called to Order:  1600, 22 Nov13


Time adjourned:  1730, 22 Nov 13


Location:  Teleconference





A.  Standard Agenda




1.  Review of Minutes

Minutes of the Oct 2013 meeting were distributed for review and comment in advance of this meeting.  Minor comments and edits were received.

Minutes with edits were reviewed and approved by the Board.


2.  Officer Reports




a.  Secretary

Dr. Ritter prepared and sent the Agenda (Atch 1) for this mtg.  For personal reasons it is unlikely she will be able to complete her term as Secretary.  Dr. Young has volunteered to serve as the interim Secretary. 

INFO:  The Society will accept candidate nominations for election to the Secretary position at the May 2014 meeting.


b.  Treasurer

Dr. Clinton presented the current treasury report summarizing the account balance and outstanding debts.  He confirmed that the $2001 check to AsMA to support their web modernization efforts has cleared our account. 


Bank of America is still precluding the transfer of the account to his control as signatory, requesting that both he and Dr. Siedlecki be physically present for the account transfer.  He has scheduled a meeting with the Bank of America office on 23 Nov 13 to ascertain the way ahead.   He requested any pending bills for reimbursement be sent to him. 

OPEN:  Follow-up with AsMA and ensure their receipt of this $2001 funds transfer.

EDC:  Jan 2014


OPEN:  Finalize transfer of signatory powers with Bank of America or pursue other banking options for the account.

EDC:  Jan 2014


3.  Committee Reports




a.  Constitution and Bylaws

Dr. Laub was not in attendance and submitted no reports.  Despite repeated efforts Dr. Mavity has been unable to reach him.  The Board agreed to seek his replacement.  One member offered to contact Dr. Lavan to ascertain his interest.  Dr. Mavity expressed an interest in seeking more diversity (currently skewed to USAF) of the Board's membership.


Need to address in the Bylaws a mechanism to replace elected officers unable to complete their term of office as per above.  The only circumstance currently addressed is that if the Pres is unable to complete his term the Vice Pres assumes the Pres.


OPEN:  Dr. Mavity will solicit volunteers from the general membership to assume this Chairmanship.

EDC:  Jan 2014




OPEN:  Per consensus, amend Bylaws to allow the Pres to appoint interim officers until elections can be held for replacement officers.

EDC:  May 2014








b.  Membership

Dr. Ortega presented updates from the recent AsMA Council that will directly benefit the Society's members.  AsMA's new fully web-based biography database is in Beta testing and should be fully active shortly.  The electronic dues payment function of the website should be online within 6 months. 

INFO:  Continue membership outreach at all levels.  Potential exists to grow ASAMS membership by 50% based upon existing AsMA membership.  Success is caveated upon demonstrating value to potential to potential members.


c.  Practice Standards and Competencies

Dr. Tarver reported that by next month he will have a schedule laid out to begin the periodic (q 3 yrs) revision of all 84 CPGs.  He plans to solicit the various Residency Directors about adding a CPG revision as a requirement for each RAM. 

He is also exploring published guidelines from the IOM which establish benchmarks for quality CPGs.  All agreed that since we publish these an increased level of rigor, to include peer review is in order.  


It was again discussed that these revisions could potentially meet part of MOC Part IV requirements.


Recommendation was made to delete the specific waiver criteria from the various regulatory agencies and limit the CPGs to merely the aeromedical issues of concern so as not to convey the impression the Society was advocating on behalf of any of the regulatory bodies.  After much discussion both for and against, the consensus was that those informational elements should remain as part of the CPGs.

OPEN:  Publish scheduled plan for CPG revisions.

EDC:  Jan 2014


OPEN:  Develop checklist and review process to ensure standardization and quality of revised CPGs.

EDC:  May 2014


OPEN:  Explore opportunity for MOC Part IV credit.

EDC May 2014


d.  Maintenance of Certification

i.  MOC Part II:  All submissions accepted by the Scientific Program Committee and Panel Chairs tentatively identified for each of the 3 sessions. 


ii.  MOC Part IV:  Discussed transitioning this to a web-based database versus a Word document.  Reportedly many other specialties are at this same embryonic stage.  AsMA Executive Director is willing to explore with his website team the feasibility of hosting it since they already host the Part II database and forward that to ABPM.  Many agreed that ABPM should be providing this tool since they have levied the Part IV requirement.


iii.  Website CME:  The above MOC Part II presentations will all be recorded and posted online by AsMA for subsequent viewing and MOC credit for those unable to attend the meeting.

i.   OPEN:  Finalize Panel Chairs (+/- alternates) for each of the four sessions. 

EDC Feb 2014


ii.  OPEN:  Forwarded current Part IV product to AsMA ED to use as beginning template for the web.  Dr. Ortega will discuss with his ABPM colleagues. 

EDC:  Mar 2014



iii.  OPEN:  Need to explore terms regarding revenue sharing from these online CME/MOC offerings since ASAMS has done the work.

EDC:  Feb 2014


e.  Nominations

Dr. Westphall was not in attendance and submitted no reports.  Group discussion regarding committee's role in purposeful nominations for both AsMA leadership positions (previous ASAMS officers?) as well as building a slate of candidates for ASAMS officer and BOG positions.  Dr. Mavity also followed up with Dr. Westphall via 6 Nov 13 email requesting the committee identify and submit ASAMS members for annual AsMA awards IAW established 15 Jan 2014 suspense. 

OPEN:  Pursue Bylaws amendment to expand scope of Committee to Nominations and Awards.

EDC:  May 2014


OPEN:  Submit ASAMS nominations for annual AsMA awards and add this to the committee’s Manual of Operations tasks.

EDC:  Jan 2014


OPEN:  Present slate of candidates for ASAMS positions for May 2014 elections.

EDC:  Mar 2014


f.  Ethics and Professional Conduct

Dr. Parmet reported that the Ethics Panel was submitted and accepted by the Scientific Program Committee.  However, Dr. Ortega who was present at the committees meeting related that the acceptance was tentative based upon addition details/structure regarding panel topics.  Dr. Parmet is planning on have SMEs to speak on the topics of genomics and human subject research.  It was also suggested that the recent government shutdown imposed some interesting ethical challenges in terms of our professional duty to public safety.  Will meet state licensure requirements for ethics training.

OPEN:  Submit revised and more detailed panel submission to the Scientific Program Committee.

EDC:  Dec 2013


g.  Website

Dr. Salazar was not in attendance and submitted no reports.  Dr. Mavity reported on his discussion with AsMA Executive Director regarding moving ASAMS website to be a subpage under AsMA's newly redesigned site.  ED is fully in favor and offered to begin working immediately to help.  Board voted unanimously in favor of proceeding with this initiative.  Dr. Mavity put the ED and Dr. Salazar in touch to begin working this effort. 

INFO:  Continue to provide updates regarding the progress of this effort.



h.  Publication

Dr. Rhodes was not in attendance and submitted no reports.  Despite repeated efforts Dr.  Mavity has been unable to reach him.  The Board agreed to seek his replacement.  Dr. Mavity expressed interest in seeking more diversity (currently skewed to the USAF) of the Board's membership.  Will leave this as a Standing committee IAW our Bylaws. 


Discussed feasibility/interest in re-energizing a newsletter.  General consensus to proceed with a quarterly electronic newsletter of 1-2 pages to engage our Society membership and keep them abreast of actions being taken on their behalf.  Of note, our website shows this as a Special Committee, but the Bylaws and Constitution state it is Standing Committee.  There are no newsletters posted to the website, nor have we mailed such a product in any recent recollection. 

OPEN:  Dr. Mavity will solicit volunteers from the general membership to assume this Chairmanship.

EDC:  Jan 2014



OPEN:  Initiate quarterly electronic newsletter.

EDC:  Jan 2014


i.  Space Medicine

Dr. Tarver was in attendance but submitted no reports.  Working to generate interest and participate amongst his NASA colleagues.  Board discussed whether or not to maintain this as a standing committee.  Arguments for and against were made.  Vote was taken to retain as a standing committee as a forum to provide periodic updates on relevant space medicine issues.

CLOSED:  Vote taken to retain as a Standing Committee.






1.  Governance




a.  Update Manual of Operations

ASAMS Manual of Operations distributed to current officership and posted to website and shared Google Drive.  All asked during Oct meeting to review content and provide inputs for updates.  No inputs received.

OPEN: Keep this open for one more meeting.  Submit recommended inputs to the Secretary in advance of the next mtg.

EDC:  Jan 2014


b.   ASAMS Contact List and Collaborative/Secure Work Site

Based on PII concerns, Dr. Mavity decided against broadly sharing the Master File in its entirety as there are quite a few identifying elements on the main tab of the file.  Discussed options of where we could maintain this and other files centrally, but with necessary protections and restricted access.  Long term solution will be tied to our migration to the AsMA website.  Interim solutions discussed were Society Facebook and Google accounts.

OPEN:  Continue to explore options for hosting community files necessary for sustained Society operations and facilitating collaboration amongst Board members.

EDC:  Jan 2014


2.  Service to Members




a.  Fellows Nominations

No discussion.  Topic left off agenda.  Subsequent to the meeting but prior to completion of minutes, AsMA Fellows Group sent out communication regarding upcoming Fellows nomination process and timelines.  Details posted on AsMA Fellows page.

OPEN:  Need to decide if/how we as a Constituent organization will nomination members for Fellow.  If this is something we will pursue then need to add to both Bylaws and to the Manual of Operations.

EDC:  Apr 2014


b.  Preparatory Tasks for 2014 AsMA

i.   RAM Bowl Support:  Dr. Storms reported all arrangements are on track.

ii.  Practice Guideline Panels.  No report on whether or not submissions were provided to the Scientific Program Committee for CPG Panels.

iii. Chairing of Events:  All chairs and Panel members identified.

iv.  ASAMS Table:  Staffing shifts at the table is an opportunity to get our rank/file members more involved.  Empty table with a banner sends a negative message.  Dr. Westphall was unavailable to provide updates.

v.   ASAMS Mtg Room:  Not specified in our current Manual, but this should be a Secretary task as part of making ASAMS mtg arrangements.  New meeting time is 0700 Wednesday.

i.   OPEN:  Continue to provide updates

ii.  OPEN:  Need to follow-up on this one.


iii. OPEN:  Continue to track in case we need to find alternates.

iv.  OPEN:  Dr. Westphall to present plan for staffing the table.



v.  OPEN:  Add to Manual.  Follow-up with AsMA to ensure the allotted mtg room is sufficient for the size of ASAMS membership.


EDC for all is Apr 2014










c.  Job Opportunity Postings

Dr. Mavity reported on his discussion with AsMA Executive Director regarding referring all subsequent queries for job postings to the AsMA website.  ED agreed to 50-50 cost share in the revenues generated from these referred advertisements. 

CLOSED:  Board concurred unanimously with this proposed course of action.






1.  Governance




a.  Committee Rosters

Dr. Mavity asked each Chair to submit a roster of their committee members.  This is another product the Society needs to maintain centrally and in electronic format.  Chairs were provided a template to complete and return to Dr. Mavity

OPEN:  Chairs need to complete and submit the roster template for their respective committees. 

EDC:  Jan 2014


2.  Service to Members
















Dr. Paul Young, MD, MPH

Acting Secretary







Dr. Mark Mavity, MD, MPH




Jan 14, Teleconference  Date/Time TBD