ASAMS Elected Officers:

President: Dr. Pat Storms

Vice-President: Dr. Johann Westfall


Treasurer: Dr. Charles Clinton

Constitution and Bylaws: Dr. Mark Nassir

Membership: Dr. Dave Blocker

Practice Standards:

Publication: Dr. Mark mavity

Ethics: Dr. Jeff Jones

MOC: Dr. Cheryl Lowry / Dr. Susan Northrup

Nominations: Dr. Russ Tontz

Space Medicine: Dr. Bill Tarver

Website: Dr. Paul Young

AsMA Fellow: Dr. Romie Richardson


Board of Governors:

The Board of Governors (BOG) is the interim governing body of the Society and is empowered to transact all business for the Society between annual meetings.  The BOG is composed of the elected officials above, the chairperson of each Standing Committee and three at-large members elected by the membership.  Specific information on the BOG can be found in the By-laws of the Society.


At-Large Members:

Dr. Kimberly Toone (14 (13)

Dr. Brian Agee (15)

Dr. Navy? (16)