ASAMS The American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists


Additional Committee Chairs

Special Task Force of AMPS&C on “Professional Conduct/Ethics”: Dr. Al Parmet & Dr. Jeff Jones

Special Committee Chairs

AsMA Fellows: Dr. Romie Richardson

Officers and Leadership


President Dr. David Blocker President-Elect Dr. Jim Elliott 1st & 2nd Past Presidents Dr. Charles Shurlow, Dr. Charles Mathers Secretary Dr. Dai Tran Treasurer Dr. Charles Clinton Membership Dr. Ramon Yambo-Arias & Dr. Courtney Hayes Nominations Dr. Chris Sheibler Ethics Dr. Jeff Jones Education & Training TBD Website Dr. Robert Carroll Constitution & Bylaws Dr. Mark Nassir Publications Dr. Dan Berry MOC Dr. Mical Kupke Space Medicine Dr. Rahul Suresh & Dr. Vince Michaud Members-at-Large Dr. David Miller, Dr. Gordon Peters & Dr. Elizabeth Casstevens