ASAMS The American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists
The Society is a non-profit organization created to serve as a voice for and represent the professional needs of Aerospace Medicine specialists in the United States. The Society is a constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA). Members are specialists in the field of Aerospace Medicine dedicated to the advancement of aviation and space medicine.
2024 AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting This year’s annual meeting will be at the Hyatt Regency Chicago from Monday May 6 to Thursday May 9. (Though there will be pre and post meeting events.) Please go to the AsMA website for further details. Schedule information: AsMA 2024 Schedule. Registration information: AsMA 2024 Registration. The ASAMS breakfast this year will be 0700 to 0830 Monday May 6th in the Hyatt Regency Grand Hall LNM. The cost will be $25 per person (with ASAMS paying an additional $25 as the hotel is charging $50). With restaurants being expensive in the area, this is a good deal. So don’t miss out on the meal or the meeting. NB: In order to attend the breakfast you must pre-register at the AsMA site NLT 1May. So don’t wait!